Internship on Python Programming (4 Weeks)- Complete Course with Internship

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Course Duration 4 Weeks
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    Course Take Away & Benefit

    • Learn all basic to advanced tools in Python and become industry ready
    • Execute Several projects and learn the practical aspects of the python
    • Best Program for Job, higher study or project
    • Globally Accepted Certificate and LOR

    Course Features

    • No Prerequisite needed, Anyone can join and become a Python Expert
    • This program contains: Live Session, Virtual Lab, Projects (A complete Internship)
    • Best Program for Pre-placement Training, Job, higher study or project
    • Participants can apply for LOR after the program

    Certificate We Offer

    Students will get the certificate upon completion of the course

    Give Yourself Chance To Upgrade Your Skill & Fly High

    Course Overview

    Why This Course?

    Python is so demanding and famous because of its universal appeal. Whether it is Data Science or Big Data, or be it for coding and app development, Python finds applications everywhere. Python is a versatile language that finds no barrier and has huge demand in multiple sectors. 

    Looking into the demand of Python and skilled engineers in Python, Skyy Rider has introduced best in class Python Internship with Multiple live projects by industry experts who have worked with several companies in Python. 

    Why to learn Python? 

    Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented scripting language. Python is designed to be highly readable. It uses English keywords frequently whereas other languages use punctuation, and it has fewer syntactical constructions than other languages.

    Python is a MUST for students and working professionals to become great Software Engineers especially when they are working in Web Development Domain.

    Who can enroll in the Program?

    ♦ Anyone who is willing to learn Python can join.

    ♦ Python is for everyone, So as this course  

    Course Content


    Language Fundamental

    1. Introduction
    2. Features Of Python
    3. Limitations Of Python
    4. Flavors Of Python
    5. Ruby Python
    6. Anaconda Python

    Detailed Index

    1. Data Types
    2. Base Conversions
    3. Slicing of Strings
    4. Type Casting
    5. Int()
    6. Float()
    7. Complex()
    8. Bool()
    9. Str()
    10. Fundamental data types vs Immutability
    11. Escape Characters
    12. Constants


    1. Arithmatic Operators
    2. Relational Operators / Comparison Operator
    3. Equality Operators
    4. Logical Operators
    5. Bitwise Operators
    6. Bitwise complement Operator
    7. Shift Operators
    8. Assignment Operators
    9. Conditional operators
    10. Special Operator
    11. Identity Operators
    12. Membership Operators

    Flow Control

    1. Conditional Statements
    2. Iterative Statements
    3. Transfer Statements
    4. Loops with else Block
    5. Difference between del & none

    String Data Type

    1. What is string ?
    2. How to define multi-line string Literals ?
    3. How to access characters of a string ?
    4. Behaviour of slice operator
    5. Slice operator case study
    6. Mathematical Operators for string
    7. Len() in-built function
    8. Checking membership
    9. Comparison of string

    List Data Structure

    1. Creation of list Objects
    2. Accessing Elements of list
    3. List vs mutability
    4. Traversing the elements of list
    5. Important Functions of list
    6. To get information about list i:e len(), count(), index()
    7. Manipulating Elements of list i:e append(), insert(), extend(), remove(), pop()
    8. Ordering Elements of list i:e reverse(), sort()

    Tuple Data Structure

    1. Tuple Creation
    2. Accessing Elements of tuple
    3. Tuple vs Immutability
    4. Mathmatical Operators for Tuple
    5. Important Functions of Tuple
    6. Tuple Packing & Unpacking
    7. Tuple Comprehension
    8. Differences between list & Tuple

    Set Data Structure

    1. Creation of set Objects
    2. Important Functions of set
    3. Mathmatical Operations on the set
    4. Membership Operator (in, not in)
    5. Set Comprehension

    Dictionary Data Structure

    1. How to create Dictionary ?
    2. How to Access Data From the dictionary ?
    3. How to update Dictionaries ?
    4. How to delete elements from Dictionary ?
    5. Important Functions of Dictionary
    6. Dictionary comprehension


    1. Built in Functions
    2. User Defined Functions
    3. Parameters
    4. Return Statement
    5. Returning multiple values from a function
    6. Types of Arguments
    7. Types of Variables
    8. Recursive Functions
    9. Anonymous Functions
    10. Normal Functions
    11. Lambda Functions
    12. Filter() Functions
    13. Map() function
    14. Reduce() functions
    15. Everything is an object
    16. Function Aliasing
    17. Nested Functions


    1. Renaming a module at the time of import
    2. From Import
    3. Various Possibilities of Import
    4. Member Aliasing
    5. Reloading a module
    6. Finding members of module by using dir() function



    Admission Details

    • → Total 60 Seats Per batch

      Students need to pay the course fees and fill the registration form to enroll themself. 

      → Go to the enrolment section to register for the program. 

      → After completion of all the processes, students will receive an intimation from our team regarding their batch details. 

      → A Special Discount will be given to a group of 10 or more students. Contact us for the discounted Code. 



    → Duration of class: 2:00-2:30 hours Daily after 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. The recorded class will be shared after the live session for 2 months of validity. So in case, anyone misses a class can always assess the recorded session. 

    → Live or Recorded session: Live classes by Industry Experts

    → Best For: Building a great profile for Higher Study & Automobile sector job

    → LOR- Yes students can apply for LOR

    → Students or Professional: Both can join

    Discount: Group enrolment discount available for a group of students of 10 or more.

    → Special batch Commencement: For a group of 50 students from the same college we can arrange a special batch as per their convenience.  

    → Certificates: Participants will an Internship cum project Certificate from Skyy Rider

    → Platform: Microsoft Team or Zoom

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    • 100% Live classes by Experts & After live classes recordings will be shared
    • Live Practical, Doubt clearing, Mentorship Sessions
    • Join in a cohort and network with fellow classmates
    • Certificate of participation, Internship letter, and LOR will be given after completion of the course

    Program Fees

    Select the payment types

    Limited Seats left for the next Batch! Book your Seat Now!

    • Learn at your comfort, Start anytime and end the course any time
    • Live mentorship sessions by experts will be provided
    • Technical support, doubt clearing, and Practical support anytime by experts
    • Certificate of participation, Internship letter, and LOR will be given after completion of the course

    Program Fees

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    • Offline Centers- Govt. Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar & GRIET, Bachupally, Hyderabad
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    • 100% Practical & Project based course
    • Group discount available for 10 or more members

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    What our Alumni Speaks

    SkyySkill is proud of its alumni. Their hindsight often provides the best perspective into the real world.

    Thank you Skyy Rider for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course." "This has more than met my expectations." "A wonderful course -both personally and professionally

    PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, TamilNadu

    It was a great experience, in 3rd sem, our college held an industrial visit to Ashok Leyland in Pune where I saw the clutch, engine, propeller shaft, wheels, cab in white, etc but at that time the knowledge gained was not satisfied. so during these training sessions, I have learnt a lot of new things as well as future aspects, the trainers of Ashok Leyland were superb. Thank you so much Skyy Rider!

    Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Sinhagad Institute of Technology

    Thank you for conducting tests on a regular basis to track our progress, and thank you for making this course so enjoyable. I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, and those I deal with personally and professionally. Above all these, the Organisers were really cooperative. Thank you to all the trainers for finding out time for us and helping us to the utmost level.


    I've been a part of Sky Rider Institution for more than three months, participating in various online workshops and webinars related to Automotive Sector. The staff of the organization is too good, they are supportive not in one but many aspects. Their collaborations with various industrial and government bodies like Yamaha, Volkswagen, Ashok Leyland, Bosch with their training centers at the institute and NSDC, ASDC, respectively makes them one of the best places in India for industry orientated skill development. Recently I've completed two weeks of online training over Advanced Automotive Systems with Ashok Leyland, and I would say it was a great takeaway experience for me. The People from AL were great at their work, their experience, their knowledge.

    Prashant Tukaram Shinde
    Sinhagad College of Engineering, Pune

    During the lockdown, while we had enough time for learning something new directly from the experts so who will refuse such an offer? such a wonderful offer was provided by skyrider institutions and the way they organized the sessions was very good and the content delivery from the expert was also crystal clear i would like to thank BOSCH and skyrider for providing us this opportunity to learn and interact directly from the experts.


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