Post Graduation Program On Full Stack Web Development

Upgrade your skills for a software job and become a true professional. 100% Placement after the course

  • Fully Live Session by experts, 2 Month on the Job Internship
  • Become a Developer after learning front end & Back-end Technologies
  • Execute Industry standard Projects
  • Complete 10 Months Internship Letter (Equivalent to internship letter)
  • Globally accepted Certificate & LOR

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Key Features

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    A complete program to master front end and back end

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    Participants can make a website ready from scratch.

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    Learn Front-end, Backend, Application Developement, Database, Cloud computing

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    Assured Placement after the Course

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    Live Sessions and 1:1 mentorship, 10 Month video access

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    Globally Accepted Certificate, Internship & LOR will be awarded

Why to Join Skyy Rider

  • 100% Live Session and 1:1 Mentorship

  • Placement Assured programs

  • Industry Recognized Courses & Certificates

  • Industry Standard projects

  • Extra classes & On demand Classes

  • Most affordable in the Market

Program Overview

A complete program on Full Stack Web Development using variety of technologies. This course will make you ready for web dev position of any industry. This program is best for beginners who want to kick-start their career in Web Development field. The entire course is broken down into five separate segments: Frontend, Backend, Database, Other Essential Technologies and Debugging/Version Control.

Courses Offered in the Program

• Front End- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, REDUX
• Back End- PHP, Python, NodeJS
• DataBase- MySQL, MongoDB
• Application Development - React Native, Redux
• Industry Standard Projects
• 100% Job Internship


• B-tech, MCA, BCA, M-Tech, BE Graduates or Final year students
• B.Sc/ M.Sc Students
• Working Professionals
• Any aspirant for Software engineer

Session Type

• Daily 2 hours of Live Session by experts
• On demand 1:1 mentorship Session
• Recorded session shared after every class
• On job training (WFH, Offline) after 8 Months of classes

Placement & University Admit Support

Upon successful completion of the programs, students will be offered multiple placement drives. Lifetime placement support will be provided to the candidates. We shall help students who are aspiring to get an admit to a top University for MS.

Become a web developer and kick start your career as software engineer

One of the finest program for jobs, Start up and Profile building for Top University Admits

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Certificate of Completion

A complete 10 months of internship and project certificate will be provided from Skyy Rider.

Certificate can be used as experience letter for students for various industries.

Finest certificate to build an amazing resume for Top University Admits and design sector jobs.

Internship certificate

During the session you will be involved in various industrial projects

You will be offered a certificate of Internship (equivalent to Experience letter)

Certificate of LOR from Skyy Rider

Letter Of Recommendation Certificate from Skyy Rider will give you options to showcase your skills at various industries. The certificate will contain all the course modules you learned.

Full Stack Developer Course for Beginners

Learn & become Industry Ready for jobs

Project based practical pedagogy makes a students Job ready

Placement Support after the Course

Participants will get multiple placement Drive opportunity end of the program in top MNCs

Live Sessions & 12 months Video Access

100% Live session & 12 months recorded Video Access

On the Job Internship & Stipend

Get 1 Months on the job paid internship & pre-placement offers

Build an amazing profile-content is right

Internship cum Project completion Certificate- Students will get internship certificate for whole the training period, Separate certificate for Project completion

On the Job Internship & Stipend

Get 1 Months on the job paid internship & pre-placement offers

Learn from Experts from Industry and get 1:1 mentorship

The program will be delivered by experts having huge experience in Industries.

Regular Skill Assessment

With our years of experience and expertise, we have designed the skill assessment series in such a way that it’s close to impossible for a student in failing in learning and become skilled.

Most Affordable, most reliable and Term payment

With Skyy Rider's commitment to the most reliable and Affordable this program caters to more than 15 skills and placement support in the most affordable and with 3 installment payments.

Complete Course Content

Front End Developement

Getting Started with HTML

  • Introduction to Course
  • History of Web
  • Getting Started with HTML
  • Semantic tags
  • Tag types
  • Tables
  • Forms and elements
  • Media tags
  • Favi Icons
  • Meta tags for SEO

Introduction to CSS

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Classes & ID's
  • Grouping, Chaining & Testing
  • Colours, pixels and text styling
  • Borders & Margins
  • Types of Display: Inline, Inline-block, Block
  • Poster, Box Model

Advance CSS

  • Flex
  • Lightbox
  • Animations
  • Bootstraps
  • Wireframs

Introduction to JavaScript

  • History of JS
  • How JS Works?
  • Beginning as a Language
  • Prototypes & Closures
  • Basics of ES6
  • Symbols
  • Manipulating DOM
  • Handling Events

Introduction to REACT

  • What is React?
  • Component Architecture
  • Single and Multi Page apps
  • Babel
  • Webhook
  • JSX
  • Create React App
  • Conditional Rendering

Working with React

  • Project Setup
  • Managing State
  • Props
  • Rendering lists
  • Introduction to Firebase
  • Component Lifecycle
  • CRUD in Firebase

Concept of REDUX

  • How REDUX Works?
  • Why REDUX is used?
  • Pure functions
  • Store, Actions, Reducers
  • Subscribing to Store
  • REDUX Middleware
  • Asynchronous Actions
  • REDUX-logger
  • REDUX-thunk
  • API Requests
  • Higher Order Components
  • Content API
  • Connecting REACT & REDUX

Major Project

Minor Project

Back-End Development

Getting Started With Back-end

  • Introduction to Course
  • Importance of backend in web
  • PHP Script
  • Variables & Constants
  • Opertaors
  • Datatypes
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Arrays and PHP types
  • Cookies and Sessions
  • Date Object.


  • Introduction to Python
  • Installations and setup
  • Datatypes
  • Variables
  • Function in python
  • Classes in python (oops)
  • Objects in python
  • List
  • 3rd party packages in python

Working with NodeJS

  • Learning NodeJS
  • Learning basic server setup
  • Setting up ExpressJS
  • Routes and Controllers
  • Forms & HTTPS requests
  • Middleware
  • Templated Engine
  • Cookies
  • View Engine
  • Auth
  • Sign in/Sign out
  • Databases
  • Uploading files
  • Handling polymorphic relations in Mongo DB
  • SaaS
  • Production to Server
  • Pushing to Server & Testing

Introduction to Advance Back-end & Database

  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Working with MySQL
  • Basics of Mongo DB
  • CRUD operations
  • Connecting Back-end and Front-end

Introduction to Servers

  • Getting Started with Servers
  • Server Side
  • Setting up tools

Major Project

Minor Project

Data Science

Introducing Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning(ML)

Blockchain Technology

Major Project

Minor Project

Application Development

React Native

  • Training in mobile Architecture
  • Android studio
  • React Native
  • control flow in mobile
  • intoduction to mobile development
  • installation
  • setup
  • configuration of android studio
  • mobile archetecture
  • Working on React Native
  • Creating a project
  • creating a page
  • designing and creating a component
  • installing different package and configure it


  • APIs
  • Database
  • Firebase
  • Storage and Permissions

Major Project

Minor Project


MY SQL(Structured )

  • Connecting to and Disconnecting from the Server
  • Entering Queries
  • Creating and Using a Database
  • Getting Information About Databases and Tables
  • Using mysql in Batch Mode
  • Examples of Common Queries
  • Using MySQL with Apache


  • MongoDB ─ Overview
  • MongoDB ─ Advantages
  • MongoDB ─ Environment
  • MongoDB ─ Data Modelling
  • MongoDB ─ Create Database
  • MongoDB ─ Drop Database
  • MongoDB ─ Create Collection
  • MongoDB ─ Drop Collection
  • MongoDB ─ Datatypes
  • MongoDB ─ Insert Document
  • MongoDB ─ Query Document
  • MongoDB ─ Update Document
  • MongoDB ─ Delete Document
  • MongoDB ─ Projection
  • MongoDB ─ Limit Records
  • MongoDB ─ Sort Records
  • MongoDB ─ Indexing
  • MongoDB ─ Aggregation
  • MongoDB ─ Replication

Major Project

Minor Project

Cloud computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Intoduction to AWS
  • working with AWS
  • Hosting and Testing the servers on AWS

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Intoduction to GCP
  • working with GCP
  • Hosting and Testing the servers on GCP

Google Firebase

  • Firebase - Home
  • Firebase - Overview
  • Firebase - Environment Setup
  • Firebase - Data
  • Firebase - Arrays
  • Firebase - Write Data
  • Firebase - Write List Data
  • Firebase - Write Transactional Data
  • Firebase - Read Data
  • Firebase - Event Types
  • Firebase - Detaching Callbacks
  • Firebase - Queries
  • Firebase - Filtering Data
  • Firebase - Best Practices
  • Firebase - Email Authentication
  • Firebase - Google Authentication
  • Firebase - Facebook Authentication
  • Firebase - Twitter Authentication
  • Firebase - Github Authentication
  • Anonymous Authentication
  • Firebase - Offline Capabilities
  • Firebase - Security
  • Firebase - Deploying"

Major Project

Minor Project

Admission Process

Admission offered in the program is purely based on the eligibility of the students.

Start your Application


Start your application Process by clicking on Apply Now. Once applied you will receive an Email to fill the next round)


Fill the second round of form and provide all necessary information (The form link will be provided in the email)


Telephonic Verification round to check your eligibility for the program


Pay the Registration fees (only for Eligible Students) and you are enrolled

Program Fee

100% Online

  • Complete Online program (100% Live Sessions) and 100% Offline Program with 1:1 mentorship, Individual trainers for doubt clearing and 1:1 Assistance for project
  • Virtual Placement drive & Placement Support
  • The below price Included all the facility, No other cost associated


100% Offline

  • Complete offline training at our Bhubaneswar campus with Live project .
  • Virtual Placement drive & Placement Support
  • Flexibility in offline Internship: Candidates can opt fully online or offline


100% Online

  • Complete Online program (100% Live Sessions) and 100% Offline Program with 1:1 mentorship, Individual trainers for doubt clearing and 1:1 Assistance for project
  • Virtual Placement drive & Placement Support
  • The below price Included all the facility, No other cost associated


100% Offline

  • Complete offline training at our Bhubaneswar campus with Live project .
  • Virtual Placement drive & Placement Support
  • Flexibility in offline Internship: Candidates can opt fully online or offline



Is the Certificate globally Accepted?

Yes the Certificate is Globally Accepted. You can use this certificate for jobs or higher studies at various country.

I want to go for higher studies abroad. How can this program help me?

This program is one of the finest programs for profile building for a candidate. Foreign university in-take students based on their profile. So, a student’s having a better profile has a higher chance of getting better University than a regular graduate.
This program has more than 10 skill courses and projects. Students will get 10 months long internship letter from Skyy Rider along with certificate and LOR. So this is enough for anyone to build an amazing profile.

Placement Details?

  • The course provides 100% placement Assured to all the eligible participants of the program.
  • If a student is not eligible for placement but is interested to attend the course must sign an agreement before joining the same. We may help him for placement but that will not be guaranteed.
  • Students must be serious about all the virtual classes and projects. He must clear all assignments, projects, exams to become eligible for placement drives.
  • A student must complete whole program and submit all assignment, project on given deadline to become eligible for placement. We shall conduct one on one virtual interview for every participant to understand their upgradation and standard there will be viva during exams to check their knowledge. Students must score 70% in all exams to become eligible for placement drives.
  • Placement Drives: We shall conduct virtual placement and telephonic interviews for eligible students. In case of Minimum attendance of Students must be serious for the course and must clear all exams with an aggregate of 60% and must have attendance of 80% to become eligible for placement. If someone fails in the same will not be eligible for placement and cannot demand a placement from our program.
  • Students must attend the placement from drive after 50% completion of the program.

How safe my money is if I pay Registration fees?

Skyy Rider has trained over 2 lakhs students during its inception. We have been recognized as one of the trusted brand across county for our delivery and assured support. Our reviews on google, facebook, youtube and other platforms are enough to trust the brand. So anyone can blindly trust and pay the money and our support team will be always there to support.

Is the fees refundable?

Students will be paying the fees in instalment. So, it’s more like to pay and avail. However, in scenario when students don’t have a choice but to leave the program, partial fees will be deducted pro-rata basis. The registration fees (5000/-) is not refundable in case a student wants to drop the program and the fees is not adjustable in any other programs.

Mode of delivery (Is this online or offline Program)?

  • This is a blended mode program having 10 months online/offline program & 1 Month on the Job Internship. The online courses delivered will be fully live sessions and recorded sessions will be shared after the live class.
  • The 2 months of on-the-job internship will happen at respective industries of where students will get placed.

Is the offline mode Mandatory?

No, but we recommended a offline Mode. However, those who won’t join the offline sessions will be provided same certificate like others

Is placement Guaranteed?

Yes for eligible students placement support will be provided by us. Details of the placement is mentioned in the above FAQ section.

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