Associate Diploma in Electric Vehicle System Design, Simulation& Modelling (6 Months)

Upgrade your skills for a core sector job and become a true professional.

  • 100% Live Session By Experts 5 months online, 1 Months Offline Internship or Virtual Project
  • Live EV Manufacturing or Virtual Project Experience
  • 10 Months Access to Recorded Videos
  • Placement Assistance In Core Sectors
  • Get complete 6 months Internship Letter (Equivalent to Experience Letter)
  • Execute multiple projects & Get Project certificate
  • Finest Program to build a profile for top admits
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Key Features

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    Learn EV Design Simulation dynamics and became a EV Engineer

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    Placement Assistance will be offered this Program

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    Complete Live Sessions & 1:1 Mentorship from Experts

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    Execute Multiple Minor and Major Projects & case study on EV technology

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    6 months Internship or virtual project certificate

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    Complete hands-on Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Experience at Skyy Rider Electric

Why to Join Skyy Rider

  • 100% Live Session and 1:1 Mentorship

  • Placement Assistance programs

  • Industry Recognized Courses & Certificates

  • Industry Standard projects

  • Extra classes & On demand Classes

  • Most affordable in the Market

Program Overview

“Future Mobility is all Electric” The commonly heard statement is now becoming true day by day. Every automobile company is shifting towards EVs and thousands of new EV startups are emerging globally. Hundreds of Job is now being generated in EV sector every day. So Skyy Rider has developed one of the finest course on Electric Vehicle Designing, Simulation & Modelling in association with EV experts and Industries.

Courses Offered in the Program

Basic to Advanced EV
Designing with solidworks
Basic Simulink
Vehicle dynamics
Batteries &understanding the cell chemistry and types
Motor Technology &motor controllers
EV Power Transmission System
EV auxiliary systems
Battery pack modeling & range calculation
Simulation of EV cell/pack models
Designing battery charging architecture
Modeling and simulation of power electronics & motor devices
MATLAB simulation
Simulink application for EV
Python programming
EV Manufacturing & Practices


1. B-Tech, BE, Diploma Students & Graduates
2. Working For Professionals
3. Aspiring Entrepreneur in EV Sector
4. Students aspiring for a to university admit

Session Type

Mode-1: Fully online with virtual project (Fully live session & recorded session will be shared)
Mode-2: 5 Month online &1 Month offline for hands-on practical &EV Manufacturing.

Placement & University Admit Support

1. End of the course placement assistance will provided
2. Counseling, application & admission support for MS

Become a EV Engineer and Kick Start Your Career into Core Sector

This is the best program to start your journey in EV designer and simulation field and see your dream come true working as designer

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Certificate of completion

Course Completion Certificate by Skyy Rider.

E-Verified profile to share on Linkedin

Certificate can be used for any jobs and Higher studies

Project certificate

Students will get Project Completion certificate for major and minor projects which can be used for various University Admit and core sector jobs

Internship certificate

During the session you will be involved in various industrial projects.

You will be offered a certificate of Internship (equivalent to Experience letter)

Certificate of LOR from Skyy Rider

Letter Of Recommendation Certificate from Skyy Rider will give you options to showcase your skills at various industries. The certificate will contain all the course modules you learned.

Internship cum Course Completion Certificate by Skyy Rider

Certificate can be utilized as experience certificate

Enhance your portfolio with the certificate

Can be used for Jobs or Higher Study

Course Completion Certificate from NSDC (Gram Tarang)

Students will get the certificate upon completion of the course

Globally Accepted Certificate

Can be used for jobs and Higher Study

Become a master in Electric Vehicle System Design, Simulation& Modelling

Learn and become industry ready for core sector jobs

With our project based practice oriented pedagogy a student becomes completely ready for industry

Placement Assistance in core Sector

Getting core sector job is not difficult anymore. End of the program we shall provide placement assistance to eligible student

Live Session for 6 months and 8 months Video Access

This is a 100% life session with 1:1 interaction with Experts. You will get 8 months of Video Access after live sessions

Build an amazing profile for Top School Admits

In this program a student is going to learn skills which are necessary for higher study in top global Universities.

6 Months of Internship & Project Certificate

Candidates who complete the program will get an Internship with Project Certificate from Skyy Rider which can be utilized as experience letter for top MNC jobs.

Learn and become industry ready for core sector jobs

The program will be delivered by experts having huge experience in Industries.

Regular Skill Assessment

With our years of experience and expertise, we have designed the skill assessment series in such a way that it’s close to impossible for a student in failing in learning and become skilled.

Most Affordable, most reliable and Term payment

With Skyy Rider's commitment to the most reliable and Affordable this program caters to more than 10 skills and placement support in the most affordable and with installment payments.

Complete Course Content

Solidworks with Basic Engineering Drawings

  • Introduction To The Course
  • Engineering. Drawing-Paper, Pencil, Margin, Titelbox, Scaling
  • Angle Of Projection Concept, Generation, Symbol
  • Types Of Views (Isometric, Diametric, Section View, Trimetric View, Orthographic View).
  • Introduction To The Workspace
  • Introduction To Constraint [Concept, Geometrical,Dimensional And Color].
  • Line,Arc,Circle(Fully-Constraint )
  • Mirror,Trim,Extend
  • Copy,Move,Rotate.
  • Fillet,Chamfer.
  • 2-D Pattern Fully Constraint.
  • Extrude,Revolve,Selection Procedure.
  • Plane Creation,Loft,Sweep.
  • Plane Creation,Mirror Features
  • Hole Wizard
  • Pattern Feature(3-D),Rib,Shell,Fillet,Chamfer
  • Introduction To Drafting.
  • GD&T
  • Nominal Tolerance & Roughness, Fit
  • Tolerance, GD &T Placing,Datum Feature,Section View
  • Assembly Drafting,Balloon Generation,Bill Of Material,Edit Sheet Background
  • Assembly(Bottom-Up & Top-Down)
  • Sheet-Metal
  • Punching,Mosquito Coil
  • Sheet-Metal (Drafting,Welding Symbol,Unbent View)
  • Weldment
  • Surfacing
  • Practical And Project
  • Designing & Assembly of Electric Vehicle

Basic Electric Vehicle Technologies

  • Basics and history
  • Types of EV Battery
  • Battery Management System
  • Lithium ion cell and its working
  • Motor & assembly
  • Battery Cooling system
  • Controller & its Function
  • Converter and inverter
  • EV Charger
  • HEV and types

Basic Matlab

  • Introduction to MATLAB
  • MATLAB figures and plots
  • Basic commands in MATLAB
  • Using vectors and Matrices
  • Scripting in MATLAB
  • Programming in MATLAB
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • MATLAB Tool-box

Electric Vehicle Batteries & Operation

  • Introduction To Batteries, Energy System
  • EV Batteries Material Details & Types
  • Battery Design And Manufacturing
  • Packaging And Safety
  • Charge And Discharge Architecture
  • Battery Management System

Electric Vehicle Battery Design With Matlab

  • Basic Chemistry and Physics of Energy
  • Battery Types
  • Principle and Operations of Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Performance
  • Battery Materials
  • Battery Cell Modeling
  • Battery Pack
  • Battery Range Calculation
  • BMS Design Considerations
  • Functions of BMS
  • MATLAB Models of Cell and Pack
  • MATLAB Models of Algorithm
  • Design Of BMS Test Rig, Test Plan And Test Procedure

Python For Mechanical Engineers

  • Python Basics
  • Modules & Functions
  • List
  • Strings
  • Scientific Calculations
  • Python Libraries
  • Cad Using Python Script
  • Abacus CAE Using Python Script

Power train Development Using Matlab

  • Different powertrain combination
  • Selection of transmission
  • Motor selection
  • Automated Gearbox
  • Breaking system
  • Steering assembly and types of steering
  • Power Electronics Supercapacitor
  • Electric Motor
  • Motor Control Methods
  • Construction Details of Induction Motor
  • Induction Motor

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Vehicle geometry
  • Vehicle packing
  • Calculate required Chassis stiffness
  • Suspension system selection using MSC ADAMS
  • Simulate full vehicle model
  • ADAS integration
  • Self Driving

Component Optimization

  • Suspension Optimization Using ADAMS And MATLAB
  • Structural Optimization Using ANSYS MECHANICAL & MATLAB
  • Introduction To Single Objective Optimizers (MATLAB OR PYTHON)

Project Details

  • Design & Simulating Of A Full Electric Vehicle Using Solid work, MATLAB, Python
  • Design And Arranging Of Batteries And Cells And Manufacturing Of Battery Packs
  • Design And Manufacturing Of Electric Vehicle Or Hybrid electric Vehicle (If Students Are Coming For Offline Internship)

Mentors & Trainers

  • Skyyrider Mentor Mr. Dipesh Ranjan Sahoo

    Mr.Dipesh Ranjan Sahoo, a highly accomplished and renowned researcher & Mentor in the field of Automobile, EV and Design. He carries a wide ranging experience of 8 years with Mahindra BAJA SAE as Design Head, R & D and Manufacturing optimization at SES, Developer and Head of Design and Development team at Skyy Rider Institution. He has gigantic knowledge in Dassault System products such as (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIA), CREO, Ansys, ADAMS, Python, MATLAB, C and ECU tuning(Embedded Systems). Apart from these he has key interest in different Simulation and optimization based research process.

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    Mr. Dipesh Ranjan Sahoo Mentors

  • Skyyrider Mentor Nihar Ranjan Panda

    Mr Nihar is working as CEO of Skyy Rider Electric (Electric vehicle Manufacturing Unit of Skyy Rider) with huge experience in Automobile industry and various projects. He has developed many models of EVs and has a solid experience in EV industry development and its functionality. He has experience in top automotive companies like Eicher, Mahindra, John deer and many others.

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    Nihar Ranjan Panda Mentors

  • Skyyrider Trainers & Domain Experts Himanshu Barsaiyan

    Jyoti Ranjan Singh working as Graduate Engineer Trainee - Design in Skyy Rider training program. Graduated from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai in Mechanical Engineering. Did projects on induced cooling solar panels; designed and developed a multi-axial pneumatic trailer machine.

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    Jyoti Ranjan Singh Trainer

  • Skyyrider Trainers & Domain Experts Mr. Rajat Mishra

    Miss Reshma an Aeronautical Engineer from Bhubaneswar Engineering College, Bhubaneswar. I did my project on” Magnetic Particle Detection” (Non-Destructive Testing), Design & Manufacturing of Mini Turbojet Engine. since 2020, Working with Skyyrider Institutions as a CAD Engineer, Trainer cum Training Coordinator.

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    Miss Reshma Trainer

Admission Process

Admission offered in the program is purely based on the eligibility of the students.

Start your Application


Start your application Process by clicking on Apply Now. Once applied you will receive an Email to fill the next round)


Fill the second round of form and provide all necessary information (The form link will be provided in the email)


Telephonic Verification round to check your eligibility for the program


Pay the Registration fees (only for Eligible Students) and you are enrolled

Program Fee

100% Online

  • Complete Online program (100% Live Sessions) with 1:1 mentorship, Individual trainers for doubt clearing and 1:1 Assistance for project
  • Virtual Placement drive & Placement Support
  • The below price Included all the facility, No other cost associated


Blended Mode (70% Online)

  • 4 Months Online and 2 months of offline Internship & project at our Hyderabad or Bhubaneswar Center (Accommodation Charges Included)
  • Flexibility in offline Internship: Candidates can opt fully online or 2 Months offline
  • Full access to all labs, campus, library, Sport, training halls without any extra charges


100% Online

  • Complete Online program (100% Live Sessions) with 1:1 mentorship, Individual trainers for doubt clearing and 1:1 Assistance for project
  • Virtual Placement drive & Placement Support
  • The below price Included all the facility, No other cost associated


Blended Mode (70% Online)

  • 4 Months Online and 2 months of offline Internship & project at our Hyderabad or Bhubaneswar Center (Accommodation Charges Included)
  • Flexibility in offline Internship: Candidates can opt fully online or 2 Months offline
  • Full access to all labs, campus, library, Sport, training halls without any extra charges


Siddhart Shares is amazing experience
Our student feedback about our job leading courses
Vaibhav's success story

See what our students says about us

We have hundreds of success stories which has made the PG Diploma program one of the best in country. Students not only get a job in core sector but get top University Admits. See what our students speak about the program and about their perspective.


Is the Certificate globally Accepted?

Yes the Certificate is Globally Accepted. You can use this certificate for jobs or higher studies at various country.

I want to go for higher studies abroad. How can this program help me?

This program is one of the finest programs for profile building for a candidate. Foreign university in-take students based on their profile. So, a student’s having a better profile has a higher chance of getting better University than a regular graduate.
This program has more than 10 skill courses and projects. Students will get 6 months long internship letter from Skyy Rider along with certificate and LOR. So this is enough for anyone to build an amazing profile.

Placement Details?

  • The course provides 100% placement assistance to all the eligible participants of the program.
  • If a student is not eligible for placement but is interested to attend the course must sign an agreement before joining the same. We may help him for placement but that will not be guaranteed.
  • Students must be serious about all the virtual classes and projects. He must clear all assignments, projects, exams to become eligible for placement drives.
  • A student must complete whole program and submit all assignment, project on given deadline to become eligible for placement. We shall conduct one on one virtual interview for every participant to understand their upgradation and standard there will be viva during exams to check their knowledge. Students must score 70% in all exams to become eligible for placement drives.
  • Placement Drives: We shall conduct virtual placement and telephonic interviews for eligible students. In case of Minimum attendance of Students must be serious for the course and must clear all exams with an aggregate of 60% and must have attendance of 80% to become eligible for placement. If someone fails in the same will not be eligible for placement and cannot demand a placement from our program.
  • Students must attend the placement from drive after 50% completion of the program.

How safe my money is if I pay Registration fees?

Skyy Rider has trained over 2 lakhs students during its inception. We have been recognized as one of the trusted brand across county for our delivery and assured support. Our reviews on google, facebook, youtube and other platforms are enough to trust the brand. So anyone can blindly trust and pay the money and our support team will be always there to support.

Is the fees refundable?

Students will be paying the fees in instalment. So, it’s more like to pay and avail. However, in scenario when students don’t have a choice but to leave the program, partial fees will be deducted pro-rata basis. The registration fees (5000/-) is not refundable in case a student wants to drop the program and the fees is not adjustable in any other programs.

Mode of delivery (Is this online or offline Program)?

  • This is a blended mode program having 4 months online, 2 months optional offline program . The online courses delivered will be fully live sessions and recorded sessions will be shared after the live class. The 2 months of in-campus program will be conducted at our Jatani, Odisha or GRIET, Hyderabad center with accomodation where students will experience fully sophisticated advanced lab and fully equipped campus environment.
  • The 2 months of on-the-job internship will happen at respective industries of where students will get placed.

Is the offline mode Mandatory?

No, but we recommended a offline Mode. However, those who won’t join the offline sessions will be provided same certificate like others

Facilities provided during the offline mode of training

Students will stay in a fully advanced most beautiful campus of Centurion University, Odisha / GRIET, Hyderabad Campus. They will avail hostel, Wi-Fi, gym, swimming pool, library, playground, and sophisticated learning experience at labs.

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