Master Certification Program on Hybrid Electric Vehicle (6 Months Live Session with 4 months Offline Internship/Project)

Become future ready for Electric & Hybrid Vehicle jobs and Top University Admits.

Key highlights:

  • Live Session By Experts (6 months), 4 Months Offline Internship or Virtual Project
  • Four Months of hands-on EV manufacturing experience (optional)
  • 12 Months Access to Recorded Videos
  • Life Time Placement Assistance In Core Sectors
  • Get complete 4 months Internship Letter (Equivalent to Experience Letter)
  • Execute multiple projects & Get Project certificate
  • Finest Program to build a profile for top admits
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Program Overview

The Master Program in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology is one of its kind course introduced by Skyy Rider with a chance to start a career in E.V Industry. Eminent expert from top industry will deliver the course and make students skilled and industry ready. The program is one of its kind program where students will get a placement assistance at the end of the course.


A complete program to make candidates industry ready in design and analysis of HEV & EV

Complete hands-on Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Experience at Skyy Rider Electric

Life time placement assistance in core sectors

Multiple Minor and Major industrial Projects & case study on EV technology which will make your knowledge deepened on the subject.

4 months Internship or virtual project certificate

LOR for university admit or MNC jobs

Complete Live sessions & 1:1 Mentorship from Experts

Fully Live sessions & Total 12 months of Video access

Courses Offered in the Program

EVS and HEVS, Batteries & Energy Storage System, MATLAB & Simulink, EV Propulsion System, Motors and Technology, Vehicle Dynamics, MSC ADAMS, MBD design in ADAM/MATLAB, ANSYS, Finite element analysis, Hybrid Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Electric Power Train, Regenerative Breaking System, Power Electronics Device & BMS, Model Vehicle MBS, Design of full Hybrid vehicle in MATLAB, Optimization Algorithm with MTLAB & Python, Projects


1. B.Tech/ BE Mechanical, Electrical Engineers, Diploma final year or Graduate students
2. Working Professionals who want to upgrade their skills & Change their job to higher positions

Session Type

Daily 2 hours of Live sessions from Experts (For 6 Months) and then Recorded Sessions will be shared with 12 months access.

  • 4 months of Virtual Project or offline Internship at Skyy Rider Electric after 6 months (Total 10 months).

Placement & University Admit Support

Upon successful completion of the programs, students will be offered multiple placement drives. Lifetime placement support will be provided to the candidates. We shall help students who are aspiring to get an admit to a top University for MS.

Become future ready Engineer in EV sector and Kick start your career in EVS.

The best program to build your skill in multiple Electric Vehicle Sector & become industry ready. Build your profile with this program for Top University Admits.

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Master in Hybrid Electric Vehicle from Skyy Rider

Course Completion Certificate by Skyy Rider.

E-Verified profile to share on Linkedin

Certificate can be used for any jobs and Higher studies

Project Certificate

Students will get Project Completion certificate for major and minor projects which can be used for various University Admit and core sector jobs

Internship Certificate for 4 months

During the session you will be involved in various industrial projects.

You will be offered a certificate of Internship (equivalent to Experience letter)

#Recently Placed

skyyrider student placed
  • Name
    Adarsh Kumar
  • Place At
    QuadGen, Bangaloar
  • Designation
    GET, Designing
  • Package
    2.7 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
  • Place At
    CITIUSKBE, Hyderabad
  • Designation
    GET, Designing
  • Package
    2 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
    Saffia Khan
  • Place At
    CITUS KBE, Hyderabad
  • Designation
    GET, Designing
  • Package
    2 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
    N Laxmidhar Reddy
  • Place At
    Dassault System
  • Designation
    Design Engineer
  • Package
    2.7 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
  • Place At
  • Designation
  • Package
    2.5 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
    Shan Nanaiah
  • Place At
  • Designation
    Trainer, Product Deign
  • Package
    3.5 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
  • Place At
  • Designation
  • Package
    3 LAKH
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
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  • Designation
    Design Engineer
  • Package
    3 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
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  • Designation
  • Package
    3 LAKHS
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
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  • Designation
  • Package
    3.5 LAKHS
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
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  • Designation
  • Package
    3 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
    Nalam Vikas Kumar
  • Place At
  • Designation
    GET, Designing
  • Package
    2 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
    Satyaki Biswas
  • Place At
  • Designation
    GET, Designing
  • Package
    2.7 Lakhs
skyyrider student placed
  • Name
    Sasi Kumar Paruvada
  • Place At
    CITUS KBE, Hyderabad
  • Designation
    GET, Designing
  • Package
    2 Lakhs

Master in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Advantage

Become an EV Expert & get placed

With our industry oriented pedagogy in diversed domain of EV makes a student completely ready for industry

Live Sessions for 6 month (12 months video access)

This is a 100% live course and 1:1 interaction with experts. You will get 12 months of access to the recorded videos.

Placement Assistance in core sector

Getting core sector job is not difficult anymore. End of the program we shall provide placement assistance to eligible student. Life time Assistance for job till you get one.

Build an amazing profile for Top School Admits

In this program a student is going to learn skills which are necessary for getting a top global University Admit.

4 Months of Virtual Industry standard Project or Offline Internship

Candidates will execute multiple industry standard projects with our experts and students who shall opt for offline internship will be involved in manufacturing of various EVs.

Learn from Experts from Industry and get 1:1 mentorship

The program will be delivered by experts having huge experience in Industries.

Regular Skill Assessment

With our years of experience and expertise, we have designed the skill assessment series in such a way that it’s close to impossible for a student in failing in learning and become skilled.

Most Affordable, most reliable and Term payment

With Skyy Rider's commitment to the most reliable and Affordable this program caters to more than 15 skills and placement support in the most affordable and with installment payments.

Program Details


Course Details
History of EV and HEV, Emission Comparison, Environmental and Social Impact of EV

Basic of Designing

Course Details
Basic of Engineering Drawing
GD & T and Applications

Advanced MATLAB

Course Details
Advanced Functions in matlab
Cell & Structure arrays
Symbolic Variables : integration and differentiation
Fourier Series and Transformations
Programming in matlab
2D & 3D graphics
Matlab Tool-box

Simulink for Beignners

Course Details
Introduction to Simulink
Commonly used Blocks
Sources and Sink Blocks
Math operations
Mechanical Vibration Model
Electric Motor model
PID Controller

Application based ANSYS

Course Details
Introduction to Finite Element Modeling
Ansys Meshing
Structural and Thermal Simulation of Cam shafts
Modal analysis of Laminated Composite Beams
Structural & CFD analysis of Heat Exchangers
Parametric & Coupled Simulation
Simulation of Vertical axis wind turbine

Hybrid Engines (Softwares: Ricardo, AVL/ ANSYS)

Course Details
Working of Hybrid IC engine
IC engine componenet description
Valve Timing diagrams
Sequence of Operation
4 strok Cycle
Complete IC engine simulation using Ricardo
Turbulance Modeling using AVL/Ansys
Combustion Modeling AVL/Ansys
Emission Modeling using AVL/Ansys

Enegry storage system (Softwares: MATLAB, Simulink)

Course Details
Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
Electro-Chemical Batteries
Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Ultracapacitors
Introduction to Matlab & Simulink
Model 6 Cell Battery pack in Matlab/Simulink
Model Charging and Discharging System for battery pack
Project: Model Battery pack dignosis system in matlab

Motor Technologies (Softwares: Rmxprt)

Course Details
Electric Vehicle Propulsion System
2/4 wheeler Motor Technology
Types Of Motors For EV's
Motor Sizing Equations
Motor Winding Design
Design Custom Motor in Ansys Rmxprt
Project: SRM motor design in Ansys & Develop control system for motor

Vehicle Dynamics (Softwares: MSC ADAMS, MBD Design in ADAMS/ MATLAB)

Course Details
2/4 Wheeler Vehicle Dynamics
Introduction to MSC Adams
Front Suspension & Rear suspension MBD Design in Adams/Matlab
Vehicle Chassis & Frame Dimensions
Project:2/4 wheeler chassis development in catia

Component Validation Methods (Using Finite Element Analysis)

Course Details
Introduction To Ansys
Finite Element Analysis of Chassis & Suspension Components
Project: Develop Mesh genetation strategy for different bodies

Power Transmission System

Course Details
Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Hybrid Electric Power Trains
Fully Electric Vehicles (FEV)
Regenerative Braking System (RBS)

Electrial & Electronics System (Softwares: MATLAB & OrCAD)

Course Details
Power Electronics Devices & Circuits
Model power Electronics Circuit in Matlab and OrCAD
Project: Model power electronics control circuits in Orcad for 2 Wheeler

Software Integration & System Optimization (Softwares: ANSYS, MATLAB, PYTHON)

Course Details
Electric Vehicle Control Systems & BMS
Model Vehicle BMS in Matlab
Design Full hybrid Vehicle in Matlab
Basics of Optimization Algorithms
Optimize EV systems using Matlab/Python
Project: Optimize Suspension system, power electronics system using Algorithims

Case Studies

Course Details
Safety Guidelines for Working on Electric Vehicles
Global Outlook on EV and HEV, Case Studies
Case Studies
Project: Develop Full Electric Vehicle in Simulink/Simscape with Adams Integration

Large Deformation/Crash Analysis (Softwares: Hypermesh & Radioss)

Course Details
HyperMesh for Plastics & Composites
Crash-worthiness Analysis using HyperMesh and Radioss

Option-1: Major Projects (4 Months)

Course Details
Project-1 : Design an Effective BLCD drive train system for E-Cycles
Project-2 :Design and simulation of Flywheel Based Energy Recovery system for E-Cycles
Project-3 :Develop Full Electric Vehicle using AirSim/Unity & Matlab/Python
Project-4 :Design Complete working Environment for Hyper Loop

Option-2: Offline Internship at EV Manufacturing Plant of Skyy Rider (4 Months)

Course Details
Involve yourself in various departent of EV Manufacturing such as design, assembly, production, R&D etc. The internship will happen at Skyy Rider's EV Manufacturing Unit- Skyy Rider Electric

Note: Offline is optional for students. The accomodation, Food & Travel will be taken care by students. Best performing students may be offered stipend after 1-2 Months of their work.


A team of highly experienced and dedicated experts and mentors will take 1:1 sessions with our students to make them completely ready for industry.

Skyyrider Mentor Mr. Dipesh Ranjan Sahoo

Mr. Dipesh Ranjan Sahoo

Mr.Dipesh Ranjan Sahoo, a highly accomplished and renowned researcher & Mentor in the field of Automobile, EV and Design. He carries a wide ranging experience of 8 years with Mahindra BAJA SAE as Design Head, R & D and Manufacturing optimization at SES, Developer and Head of Design and Development team at Skyy Rider Institution. He has gigantic knowledge in Dassault System products such as (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIA), CREO, Ansys, ADAMS, Python, MATLAB, C and ECU tuning(Embedded Systems). Apart from these he has key interest in different Simulation and optimization based research process.

Skyyrider Mentor Mr. Ankur Verma

Mr. Ankur Verma

Mr. Ankur Verma, He is a self motivated and automotive enthusiast who has wide range of hands on experience in almost all types of passenger cars segment. He has been working with Bosch since 7 years, his specialization is on latest industry developments in the area of automotive electrical. He is currently holds the responsibility of Aftermarket trainings for Bosch in association with Skyy Rider Institution for the students across country.

Skyrider Mentor Nihar Ranjan Panda

Nihar Ranjan Panda

Mr Nihar is working as CEO of Skyy Rider Electric (Electric vehicle Manufacturing Unit of Skyy Rider) with huge experience in Automobile industry and various projects. He has developed many models of EVs and has a solid experience in EV industry development and its functionality. He has experience in top automotive companies like Eicher, Mahindra, John deer and many others.

Trainers & Domain Experts

Skyyrider Teacher Himanshu Barsaiyan

Himanshu Barsaiyan

Mr. Himanshu Barsaiyan has 6 years of industry experience in Concept modelling and part design. He has a wide range of experience in CAD design, AR-VR based development. Other than design, he has also a decent amount of experience and expertise in Automotive sector.

Skyyrider Teacher Mr. Rajat Mishra

Mr. Rajat Mishra

Mr Rajat Mishra have a vast knowledge in Automotive Manufacturing. He has a 8 years of experience in TVS, Yamaha, Honda and bike customization. He is certified Trainer from Yamaha training school. He is a domain expert in 2 wheeler and Automotive manufacturing.

Skyyrider Mentor Mr. Jyoti Ranjan singh

Mr. Jyoti Ranjan singh

Jyoti Ranjan Singh working as Graduate Engineer Trainee - Design in Skyy Rider training program. Graduated from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai in Mechanical Engineering. Did projects on induced cooling solar panels; designed and developed a multi-axial pneumatic trailer machine.

Admission Process

Admission offered in the program is purely based on the eligibility of the students.


Start your application Process by clicking on Apply Now. Once applied you will receive an Email to fill the next round)


Fill the second round of form and provide all necessary information (The form link will be provided in the email)


Telephonic Verification round to check your eligibility for the program


Pay the Registration fees (only for Eligible Students) and you are enrolled

Program Fee


Apply Now

Payment terms:

  • Registration Fees: ₹5000.00/- (During Admission)
  • First Installment (Before Session Commencement): ₹20000.00/-
  • Second Installment (2nd Month): ₹15000.00/-
  • Third Installment (4th Month): ₹15000.00/-
  • : ₹4990.00/-
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Discount and Scholarships

2000/- off will be given to the students who pay the full course fees during commencement of the session.

Additional Scholarship can be provided to few best profiles based on their Eligibility check and telephonic Interview

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We have hundreds of success stories which has made job leading programs of Skyy Rider best in the market. Our courses not only give a student wings to fly and achieve their ambition of core sector job and top University Admit, we have students who have ventured their successful start ups after pursuing courses from us.


How safe my money is if I pay Registration fees?

Skyy Rider has trained over 2 lakhs students during its inception. We have been recognized as one of the trusted brands across the country for our delivery and assured support. Our reviews on google, facebook, youtube and other platforms are enough to trust the brand. So anyone can blindly trust and pay the money and our support team will be always there to support.

What is Lifetime placement Assistance?

We shall offer various placement drives and interviews to a candidate till he gets a placement. This facility is available for the candidate who successfully completes the program involved in the project only. The placement drive will start from 6th month onwards for the batch.

Is the fee refundable?

Students will be paying the fees in installments. So, it’s more of pay and avail the facility. However, in scenarios when students don’t have a choice but to leave the program, partial fees will be deducted on a pro-rata basis. The registration fees (5000/-) is not refundable in case a student wants to drop the program and the fees are not adjustable in any other programs.

Mode of delivery?

This is an online masters program with 1 week of Industrial visit at our Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Set up at Jatani Odisha. The first 6 months of sessions will be live by experts and after live sessions, recorded sessions will be shared with the students.
After 6 months students will be assigned with 4 live projects which will be considered as Internship cum projects. Students must finish the 4 projects in 4 months of time and after completion of projects they will get certificates. However, if a student gets placement before 4 months or leaves the program due to some reason, he/ she will receive a project or internship certificate of the months he has worked.

Is the Project and Internship Mandatory?

The master program contains the projects and Internships along with the courses. The 6 month program is mandatory for everyone. The project cum internship is non-mandatory for someone to get the master certificate. Students who get placement during the internship or project time can leave the session. But if someone who is looking for placement must attend the projects and internship. Relaxation can be given for working professionals.

Is the offline mode Mandatory?

No, the offline industrial visit is purely optional for a candidate. But we suggest that you experience the tour to get a live experience.

Is the Certificate globally Accepted?

Yes the Certificate from Centurion University is Globally Accepted. You can use this certificate for jobs or higher studies in various countries

I want to go for higher studies abroad. How can this program help me?

This program is one of the finest programs for profile building for a candidate. Foreign university in-take students based on their profile. So, a student with a better profile has a higher chance of getting a better University than a regular graduate.
This program has more than 15+ skill courses and 10+ projects. Students will get a 4 months long internship & Project certificate from Skyy Rider along with LOR. So this is enough for anyone to build an amazing profile.

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