One Day Free Certified Workshop on "Product Assembly using CATIA"

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03 Dec 2022, 05:00 PM


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About Workshop

Skyy Rider Institution, being the leading skill development center for engineering students in the country has brought you this workshop which aims to share the advanced technologies among the youth. 

Skyy Rider conducts free workshops and courses with industry experts around the year to provide free skills to students and certify them. Skill is the key today and everyone must get assess for those skills. So these free courses will prepare future-ready engineers. 

About the workshop:

CATIA – Assembly Design 1 (AS1) is a P1 product for managing assemblies in a highly productive way. It gives the user the ability to design in assembly context with a user-control associativity, to perform concurrent engineering between the design of the assembly and the design of individual components through a hierarchical assemblies using a top-down or bottom-up approach. Assembly Design 1 establishes mechanical assembly constraints using mouse movements or graphical commands to easily and intuitively snap parts into position.

This workshop will help students to know the CATIA and its important in future..

♦ This is a free Certificate workshop. Participants will receive a certificate end of the workshop. 

To help students gain knowledge about the latest technology we are conducting the workshop in association with industry experts. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop, Happy Learning!

Benefit of attending workshop

The workshop is specially learn from experts to give you one-stop solutions to learn everything.

Free Certification of Particpation

You will get the certificate after completion of workshop. Enhance your portfolio with the certificate.

Career Growth

Such Workshop & industry certifications help a student to enhance their portfolio for core sector jobs or top university admit

Live Classes

Our programs are most affordable to help everyone pursue their desired course without worrying about cost.

Give yourself chance to Upgrade your skill & Fly High

Students will learn the following during the workshop:

→  what is Assembly
→  Benefits
→  kinds of assembly (Top-down & Bottom-up Assembly)
→  Approach of assembly using CATIA.


All the participants who have registered and attended the whole workshop would avail of this certificate. Participants have to generate the certificate for themselves from our website only after 3 hours of completion of the session. *Note- You can only generate the certificate if you have registered for this workshop and have attended the same.

Ms. Reshma Begum

2+ years of experience

Miss Reshma an Aeronautical Engineer did Industrial related projects ,deals with design and manufacturing works as a CAD designer.

Students need to follow the following steps to register for the program Successfully. 

♦ Registration: Students need to provide their right information to register for the workshop by clicking the register button. 

*Note: Students who have not registered for the workshop can not join the live session.  

♦ Joining the Live Session: Students have to visit the same page to join the workshop before 30 mins of commencement of the same. To join the workshop, students need to provide their registered mobile number and email address to log in. 

*Note: Students who have not registered can not join the live session. 

♦  Certification Process: After completion of the workshop students have to proceed with the certification process. They have to submit feedback of the workshop and then can download the certificate. 

*Note: Students can download the certificate after 3 hours of completion of the workshop. 

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