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Internship On Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning & Python With Industrial Project (2 Months)- Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad

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Course Duration 2 Months
New Batch Start on 15th Feb 2023
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    Course Take Away & Benefit

    • Learn from basic fundamentals of latest Technologies of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning With Python
    • Perform Multiple Projects in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning With Python
    • 100% Practical & Project oriented Course
    • 100% live sessions with 1:1 mentorship
    • Certificate, LOR, Project Certificate will be given to students

    Course Features

    • Learn Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning With Python
    • Build live projects & Use it for several real life applications
    • Best program for Aspiring students in making Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning With Python as career and Entrepreneurs
    • Globally Accepted Certificate and LOR

    Certificate We Offer

    Students will get the certificate upon completion of the course

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    Course Overview

    Why this course:

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry. Machine learning feeds a computer data and uses statistical techniques to help it "learn" how to get progressively better at a task, without having been specifically programmed for that task, eliminating the need for millions of lines of written code

    Software: Anaconda Navigator Latest (IDE) version

    • Web-based interactive computing note book environment – Jupyter Notebook 6.4.5 or higher
    • Scientific Python Development Environment Spyder  5.0.5 or higher

    Why AI & Machine Learning with Skyy RIder?
    Skyy Rider offeres best in class Machine Learning with Python Training in a complete live & hands-on pedagogy which makes a students industry ready. The python programming language is delivered by professionals who have worked in various program Industry.

    ⇒  This program can help in preparing a students for Higher study

    ⇒  Students can learn and start their own start-up in AI & Machine Learning

    ⇒  Students who are aspiring to be in Machine learning Job


    Course Content


    1st Week

    Python Environment Concepts

    1. Jupyter Note Book – Spyder Overview

    2. JYNB Working Environment

    3. Structure of jpynb

    4. Saving/Loading Notebook

    5. Edit Cells /View Cells /Insert Cells

    6. Keyboard Shortcuts /Magic Commands

    7. Execute Cells /Kernel Cells /Widgets / Markdown

    Core Python Programming

    8. Elementary Programming with simple examples

    9. Mathematical Functions, Strings, and Objects

    10. Loops with programming

    11. Functions & Class functions generation

    12. Import functions & generate user define import functions


    2nd Week

    Advanced Python Programming

    13. Data structures [List, Tuple, Set, Frozen set, and Dictionary]

    14. Build in Functions & Lambda Functions

    15. Packages, Modules

    16. Math, OS, Random, Statistics, Sys, other Modules

    17. Create UDM (User Defined Modules)

    Data Analysis with

    18. Numpy

    19. Scipy

    20. Pandas

    21. Seaborn

    22. Bokeh


    3rd Week

    Overview of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

    23. Introduction to types of Machine Learning

    24. Introductions to   Supervised Learning

    25. Introductions to   Unsupervised Learning

    26. Introduction to   Reinforcement learning

    27. Introductionsto ML with Pipelines – Automatic Workflows

    28. Introductions to   Improving Performance of ML Models

    29. Performance Improvements with Algorithm Tuning_1

    30. Performance Improvements with Algorithm Tuning_2

    31. Introduction to types of Artificial Intelligence

    32. Introductions to   Reactive Machines

    33. Introductions to   Limited Memory

    34. Introductions to   Theory of Mind

    35. Search Techniques. 

    36. Knowledge Representations

    37. Neural networks and Deep learning.

    38. Natural language processing

    39. Fuzzy logic and its applications

    40. Introductions to   AI with Python – Speech Recognition

    Types of Data Analysis

    39 Descriptive Analyses

    40 Exploratory Data Analysis

    41. Predictive Analysis

    44. Inferential Analysis


    4th  Week

    Data Visualization with Matplotlib

    45. Working with Pyplot

    46. Lines, Bar, Pie, Scatter, Histogram, Box, Violin Plots

    Algorithms Implementation

    47. Introduction to Algorithm and how it is implement

    48. Algorithm_1 Linear regressions.

    49. Algorithm_2 logistic regressions.

    50. Algorithm_3   Decision tree.

    51. Algorithm_4   Support Vector Machine (SVM)

    52. Algorithm_5   Naive Bayes)

    53. Algorithm_6   KNN algorithm.

    54. Algorithm_7   K-means

    55. Algorithm_8 Random forest algorithms.

    Industry Based Project &Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence libraries in python

    56. My first project in AI & ML 

    57. Case study Industry Project and Implementation with analysis

    Admission Details

    → Total 50 Seats Per batch

    Students need to pay the course fees and fill the registration form to enroll themself. 

    → Go to the enrolment section to register for the program. 

    → After completion of all the processes, students will receive an intimation from our team regarding their batch details. 

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    → Duration of class: Offline courses Upto 2:00 hours Daily after 6:00 PM IST.  

    → Best For: Working Professionals in IT Sector, Building a great profile for Higher Study

    → LOR- Yes students can apply for LOR

    → Students or Professional: Both can join

    Discount: Group enrolment discount available for a group of students of 5 or more.

    → Special batch Commencement: For a group of 40 students from the same college we can arrange a special batch as per their convenience.  

    → Certificates: Participants will get a completion certificate from Gram Tarang (Partner of NSDC) & Skyy Rider

    → Project Certificate: Yes students will get a project certificate after the course

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    • 100% Live classes by Experts & After live classes recordings will be shared
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    • Certificate of participation, Internship letter, and LOR will be given after completion of the course

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    • Offline Centers- GRIET, Bachupally, Hyderabad
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    • 100% Practical & Project based course
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